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15000BMP Automatic 3 in 1 Juice Tea Bottling Machine Poduction Line Drink Filling Machine RXGF40-40-12

The CGF Wash-filling-capping 3-in-1 unit is a beverage machinery used for producing non-carbonated beverages such as polyester bottled mineral water, purified water, and alcoholic beverages. It efficiently completes the processes of bottle washing, filling, and sealing. By reducing contact time between materials and external factors, it improves sanitary conditions, production capacity, and economic efficiency.
  • RXGF40-40-12

  • Ushine

Product Description

This machine uses advanced micro negative gravity filling technology, ensuring fast, stable, and accurate filling. It features a reliable material reflow system and independent air-reflow, minimizing contact with the material to prevent contamination. The temperature control system meets the hot filling requirement of up to 95°C. The filling valve and material pipes are designed for easy sanitation, with no dead corners. It includes a CIP cleaning interface and a rinsing system before capping to ensure cleanliness. The magnetic torque cap screwing mechanism provides precise and adjustable torque. The machine is operated through a user-friendly touch screen interface and PLC control system. It offers automatic cap feeding control, filling temperature detection, high temperature alarms, machine stoppage, and low temperature reflow. It also has features like no-bottle-no-cap feeding and waiting in case of bottle shortage or cap shortage.

Technical Parameters
Rinsing Heads18243240
Filling Heads18243240
Capping Heads681012
Capacity5000B/H (500ml)12000B/H (500ml)15000B/H (500ml)18000B/H (500ml)
Motor Power(KW)345.57.5

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