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Automatic Plastic Bag Sachet Pouch Filling And Packing Machine

This series is widely used in the film packing of water, milk , soy milk , ketchup, mustard, soy vinegar , yellow wine etc , all packing procedures :ultraviolet ray sterilization , molding of bags , print of dates , filling with fixed quantity , sealing and cutting and numeration , all components are made of stainless steels and are designed to meet state hygienic standard , A and B model adopt single-layer polyethylene film while C liquid of different colors and flavor in one package , C model are categorized as middle sealing , side sealing and photo-electric detection.
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Product Description


The automatic packing machine is equipped with an imported PLC controller that enables seamless automation of essential processes, such as adjusting bag length, positioning the cursor, diagnosing faults, and correcting horizontal alignment. It ensures safety through automatic alarm protection, minimizing losses and prioritizing the well-being of the machinery and operators. The sealing process is controlled by a servo motor, allowing for adjustable pressure and opening stroke to accommodate different packaging styles. The machine includes adjustable metering pumps for precise filling, and it can be customized to meet specific customer requirements for bag sizes.


This automatic packing machine is ideal for packaging a variety of paste materials, including honey, syrup, jam, peanut butter, sesame paste, tomato sauce, chili sauce, chili oil, caviar, shrimp paste, salad dressing, beef sauce, seasoning sauce, cream, shower gel, cosmetics, washing powder, shampoo, lubricants, and more. It offers efficient and reliable packaging solutions for various paste products.

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