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Automatic Rotary Small Scale Plastic Bottle Vegetable Sunflower Olive Cooking Oil Filling Machine

Oil filling machines are high-precision equipment designed for filling oil products such as edible oils, industrial oils, and lubricants. It not only ensures hygienic and precise filling, but also meets GMP standards and provides efficient and reliable production solutions. The machine is suitable for various oil capacities and is easy to operate and maintain, ensuring product quality and production efficiency.
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Product Description

Oil products, including edible oils, industrial oils, lubricants, and more, demand exceptional precision and adherence to strict hygiene standards. These products are prone to volatility and adhesion to equipment surfaces. Therefore, our oil product filling solutions are designed not only to meet these requirements but also to prevent dripping or waste. With years of experience, we've not only mastered critical technology but have also refined our machinery designs to accommodate the unique characteristics of these products. We offer high-precision, hygienic oil product filling solutions that ensure no residue is left behind, thus safeguarding your product quality.

The complete production line comprises a turntable, bottle cleaning machine, viscosity filler, and vacuum capper, all of which seamlessly execute functions such as feeding, cleaning, hot filling, steam filling, and capping. Our filling machines feature unique non-return valves that guarantee hygiene, temperature resistance, and resistance to acidic and alkaline conditions, resulting in both long-lasting durability and exceptional filling precision. Additionally, the capper is proficient in steam filling and vacuum sealing the jars, ensuring the preservation of product freshness. The entire production line aligns perfectly with GMP requirements.

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