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Injection Moulding Machine IJT SV220

Utilizing advanced European technology, our system incorporates hydraulic units equipped with proportional pressure and flow control. This feature allows for precise adjustment of pressure and speed, resulting in a stable and smooth motion profile with minimal impact. Additionally, our computer components are sourced from reputable industrial suppliers, ensuring reliability. The LCD display offers high clarity and supports both Chinese and English languages for user convenience.
Product Description

1) Enhancing the Locking Mechanism

We have improved our specialized locking system to boost production efficiency and speed.

2) Streamlined Lubrication for Enhanced Reliability

Our rational centralized lubrication system ensures professional and more effective lubrication, resulting in a cleaner machine.

3) Optimized Template Design by Professionals

Our templates are designed using advanced finite element analysis software, enhancing rigidity and strength to meet the demands of rapid impact conditions.

4) User-Friendly and Powerful Control System

Our system employs a professional controller and user-friendly interface for easy, fast, and reliable operation.

5) Innovative Screw Driving System

Featuring a spline connection between the screw and oil motor, our system offers smooth and dependable transmission, substantial torque transfer, and easy disassembly.

6) Exceptional Injection Performance

With a double-cylinder injection system and an entirely floor-guided approach, we ensure reliability and stability.

7) Enhanced Clamping System

Our optimized connection rod structure enables faster and smoother operation.

8) Modernized Frame Structure

Our machine boasts a simple yet elegant appearance, with a well-balanced and robust frame.

9) Tailored Plasticizing System

Our professional plasticizing and heating system is suitable for various types of plastic raw materials, delivering excellent plasticizing performance.

10) High-Efficiency, Powerful Servo System (Optional)

For even greater efficiency, we offer an optional high-powered servo system.


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