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Linear Type Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine WD-350A

The Shrink Wrapping Machine is a device used for packaging products by wrapping them with heat-shrinkable film, creating a tight and secure package. It is a common automated equipment in the packaging industry, widely used for various products, including food, beverages, cosmetics, books, electronics, and more.
  • WD-350A

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Product Description


It is specially designed for high speed packing requirement of bottled drinking water (pure water, beverage, juice, milk ect.) When conveying the bottles, it can arrange and film wrap the bottles automatically, which save the xtime and improve the working efficiency. PLC control, automatic work processing. Constant temperature cutting blaes, which surface sprayed by Teflon, with the advantage of stable sealing. Touch screen is used to ensure easy operation. Suit for different bottle size and packaging type without tray packing. This type of shrink wrappig machine is your best choice for middle capacity, which is easy operation and maintain.

This machine typically consists of the following components:

1. Conveyor System: Transports the products to be packaged to the wrapping area.

2. Film Dispensing System: Supplies a roll of heat-shrinkable film, which is usually made of materials like Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyethylene (PE), or Polypropylene (PP) with excellent heat-shrink properties.

3. Sealing and Cutting System: Cuts the film to the appropriate size and seals it after wrapping.

4. Heat Shrink Tunnel: Applies hot air to the wrapped products, causing the film to shrink tightly around them.

5. Control System: Allows operators to set packaging parameters such as temperature, speed, and packaging format to ensure consistent packaging quality.

The operation process typically involves the following steps:

1. Place the products to be packaged on the conveyor system.

2. The film dispensing system unrolls the heat-shrinkable film and delivers it to the packaging area.

3. The products pass through the sealing and cutting system, where the film is cut to the right size and sealed.

4. The sealed products enter the heat shrink tunnel, where hot air causes the film to quickly shrink and tightly adhere to the product surface.

5. The packaged products are removed from the machine, ready to be sent to the market or undergo further processing.

The Shrink Wrapping Machine offers advantages such as efficiency, speed, material savings, and improved product appearance. It is an essential piece of equipment used in many industries.

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